Top 5 Reasons to Try Guided Surgery

Guided surgery is an implant placement approach that uses 3D imaging and implant planning software to allow the surgeon to plan and perform implant surgery virtually with full visibility of all relevant anatomy.

A drill guide is then used to transfer these implant positions to the patient and facilitate the placement of implants in restoratively and surgically optimal positions, without violating critical anatomical structures.

1) Minimize Placement Errors



Guided surgery is proven to be the safest, most accurate way to place implants. Whether you are a seasoned professional who has been placing implants for many years, or a doctor just getting started, guided surgery can provide very practical benefits to you, your staff and your patients.



2) Comprehensive / Collaborative Treatment Planning


Perhaps one of the most important advancements in dental implant surgery is that guided surgery now allows you to plan a patient’s case virtually before performing the actual surgery and therefore improve patient satisfaction through optimal surgical outcomes.


3) Eliminate Drill Tip Deviation


Drill tip deviation (or “wag”) is one of the single most challenging issues facing implant surgery. Guided Surgery Solutions has created surgical stops, customized for each case, that will greatly limit or eliminate drill tip deviation for any case you may be planning.


4)    High-Tech Halo


Doctors who have adopted guided surgery into their practice are seeing higher referral rates due to patient satisfaction, as well as increased revenues because they offer a high-tech, predictable approach to surgery that other dentists in their area do not utilize.


5)    Reduces Stress


When treatment and collaborative planning is done prior to the case, you won’t have any surprises when your patient is in the chair. Advances in cone beam scanners, treatment planning, implant placement, and guided surgery techniques has led to greater accuracy in implant surgery. Contact us today to learn more about this stress-reducing method and the simplified steps involved to initiate your first case.

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