ThinLayer® Surgical Guide Overview

TAMPA, FL – Dr. Jerome Haber presented “A Novel, Tubeless 3D Based Implant Drill Guide System” at the Academy of Osseointegration 2013 Annual Meeting, a venue for nearly 2,000 implant dentists, held March 7-9 in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Haber invented and began using these guides in his clinic in the early 2000’s, in response to his dissatisfaction with commercially available tube guides. His presentation described the tubeless 3D-based surgical guides, which overcome the limitations of commercially available tube guides. The system consists of CT-derived tubeless and tube guides, as well as custom, disposable drill stops for depth control.

Dr. Haber’s patent-pending ThinLayer® Guides are the basis for Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC, a company which seeks to eliminate the technical and economic barriers to adoption of guided surgery.

The presentation is available in the 7-minute video below.

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About Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC
Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC designs, manufactures, and sells 3D image-based surgical guides for dental implant surgery. The ThinLayer® Drill Guide System was developed in the founder’s clinical practice, in response to design limitations found in existing products. The solution makes guided surgery technically and economically feasible for all implant surgeons, allowing them to provide better treatment to more patients. Please visit for more information.