ThinLayer-compatible CBCT manufacturers

BOSTON, MA – Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC released a list of manufacturers whose CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) machines are compatible with the company’s CT-based surgical guides and disposable drill stops.

According to Periodontist and company founder, Dr. Jerome Haber, “Every CBCT exports industry-standard DICOM files, which we import into software to virtually plan the cases and make our guides. This means that doctors can use any brand of CBCT for a case, whether in their office or a scan center.”

The company points out that scan technicians should be attentive to use the minimal radiation dose necessary to capture the required anatomy for accurate treatment planning. Recommended settings can be found in the Protocol section of the company’s website.

Compatible CBCTs include

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Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC designs, manufactures, and sells 3D image-based drill guides for dental implant surgery. The ThinLayer® Guide was developed in the founder’s clinical practice, in response to design limitations found in existing products. These guides provide surgeons the accuracy of computer-guidance, with the ease of freehand drilling. The better design and lower cost enable more doctors to provide better treatment to more patients. Please visit for more information.