Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC launches next gen surgical guide with excellent fit and retention

WELLESLEY, MA – Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC announces the next generation of its ThinLayer® Guides, featuring new materials which allow it to fit the arch with excellent retention, stability, and accuracy.

ThinLayer tube Guide   ThinLayer Guide

According to company founder, Dr. Jerome Haber, “Many dentists we’ve spoken to have reported major issues with the fit and retention of a significant proportion of commercially available CT-based surgical guides. These observations are supported by a recent paper in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, which indicated that at least 20% of the CAD/CAM guides used in the study had to be adjusted or relined before use.”

Guided Surgery Solutions’ patent-pending design and manufacturing process alleviate the warping and fit issues of other guides, while offering additional performance features. According to Haber, “the ThinLayer® Drill Guide System provides surgeons with the flexibility to use guides in posterior sites, to access the surgical site for flap reflection (or flapless), or to modify the entry point at surgery, if needed. Vertical clearance needed for the ThinLayer® Guide is the same as required for freehand drilling.”

Guided Surgery Solutions’ confidence in the fit and retention of their guides is backed by a money back guarantee if the guide is not useable for any reason.

About Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC
Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC designs, manufactures, and sells 3D image-based surgical guides for dental implant surgery. The ThinLayer® Drill Guide System was developed in the founder’s clinical practice, in response to design limitations found in existing products. The solution makes guided surgery technically and economically feasible for all implant surgeons, allowing them to provide better treatment to more patients. Please visit for more information.