Immediate Extraction / Oblique Surface Surgical Sites

There are particular challenges with immediate extraction and drilling into oblique surfaces that have the
potential for significant error.

Drilling into Oblique Surfaces

The Problem

An oblique surface, as in a knife edge ridge or extraction socket, can push to drill tip to the buccal.

The Solution -The Oblique Surface Protocol

  • Use a sharp drill
  • Use higher RPM
  • Drill slowly with vertical pumping motion
  • Reflect flap and verify visually

Possible Issues with Immediate Implants

Immediate implants present specific challenges for guided surgery.
It is important to use the oblique surface protocol.


  • Guide height is often greater than 12 mm
    • Drill wag issue
  • Blind entry point into bone for pilot hole
  • Drilling into an oblique surface


  • Custom immediate surgical stops will be provided free of charge for all your applicable cases
  • Follow the oblique surface protocol to ensure accuracy of your implant placement