How To Sell Guided Surgery To A Patient and Increase Your Revenue

Patients appreciate the use of technology to perform better dentistry, and can be very receptive to a thoughtful explanation of the process and benefits. Here is an example of what to say when discussing guided surgery with a patient:

“We place implants by computer-guided surgery. To accurately place an implant, a precisely positioned hole has to be drilled into the jaw. Jaws come in different shapes, sizes and angulations. There are nerves, blood vessels and sinuses that limit where we can drill. Therefore, we use a 3D scan of your jaw to visualize your anatomy on the computer.

Using innovative implant planning software, an implant can be placed virtually in the image of your jaw, while viewing the dimensions and shape of your jaw, as well as the locations of vital structures. These enhanced diagnostic tools help to reveal any potential problems and eliminate unexpected complications.

We then utilize the virtual plan to fabricate a surgical guide. The guide fits on your teeth and includes a guide hole which guides the implant drill in surgery. Essentially, the surgical guide transfers the virtual position of the implant to your mouth, and provides a method to precisely position the hole for the implant.”

This conversation allows you to establish credibility with the patient and show them the benefits of guided surgery. Using guided surgery creates a more accurate and predictable outcome, which leads to patient satisfaction and increased referrals.

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