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3D implant planning is restorative-driven with virtual visualization of the bone, soft tissue, and adjacent and opposing teeth. Plans based solely on osseous anatomy can lead to compromised implant positions. Therefore, a comprehensive data set including bone, soft tissue, and adjacent and opposing teeth is imported into the planning software. FutureTooth™ position can be derived from articulated models and models of patients with temporary bridges, flippers, bonded teeth, RPDs and dentures, usually eliminating the need for radiographic stents and wax-ups. Data merges are accurate, regardless of radiographic scatter and without the need for data conversion, data modification, or lab-made stents.

This video introduces the ThinLayer® guided surgery system and demonstrates how FutureTooth™ position is ascertained virtually.

1. Scan


Our simple step-by-step Plan-to-Scan Protocol Selector is designed to help you or your scan center to accurately and efficiently capture the imaging and model data unique to your case and your prosthetic goals and provide the best data for an accurate treatment plan and design of your ThinLayer guided surgery system.

Unlike other methods or companies which may “force fit” or standardize general protocols which may sacrifice quality for your custom case, this simplified yet detailed approach enables your staff or scan center to secure the best data in a streamlined manner.

Click here and answer a few questions about your upcoming case. Guided Surgery Solutions will then provide you with the appropriate protocol to ensure the best surgical guide possible.

Protocol if you OWN A CBCT



* Protocol is simplified for partially edentulous cases with minimal crowns: Fiducial markers and tray scans may not be needed, and digital impressions may be substituted for stone models

2. Plan

We enable 3D planning on the intraoral anatomy, gingiva, and teeth – not just on the bone alone – using a simple protocol and free Blue Sky Plan software. This video tutorial demonstrates how to plan a case from start to finish using free software tools from Blue Sky Bio. We’ve also included a step-by-step workflow, accompanied by screenshots, to further assist you. For more instructional videos, please check out our YouTube channel.

It’s your choice whether to plan the treatment yourself, or to save time and have us do it for you. Once we do the initial plan, we will review it with you before we create a surgical drill guide.

Treatment Planning Protocol View/Download

3. Drill – With Increased Accuracy and Ease

The ThinLayer Guided Surgery System delivers on 3D-based accuracy from the treatment plan by providing a low-profile, retentive transparent guide along with custom drill stops specific to your case – even for challenging cases such as those immediate extractions and cases entailing sinus bumps. The unique Perfect Pilot™ Drill Stop helps to optimize drilling accuracy right down to the gingiva or bone as it constrains the drill tip to prevent tip deviation – “wag” – between guide level and bone. The tube guide version, provided standard in every case, addresses partial or fully-edentulous conditions and afford excellent fit, visibility and intraoperative use. Designed to fit your existing handpiece and drills and fit carefully with the guide tube, the custom drill stops directs drill trajectory and depth. We provide an optional endofile to enhance precision placement and validation of your pilot drill in process.

For challenging situations such as posterior cases with limited vertical clearance, the ThinLayer Tubeless Guide provides superior access, visibility, irrigation and intraoperative flexibility following use of the standard tube guide for initial bleeding point.

ThinLayer® Guide Drilling View/Download
Attaching drill stops View/Download

A Fitting Solution for Accuracy and Ease

Avoid hard guide designs and materials which rock, slip, obstruct access or vision – even in situations with limited vertical clearance – that can compromise use and accuracy. The unique hard/soft layered design of the ThinLayer guides provide great fit and retention to deliver the planned accuracy for your implant trajectory and placement – as well as depth control SPECIFIC to your own handpiece and drills – for any implant system. No special guided surgery instrument kit needed.

Perfecting the Pilot Hole: Perfect Pilot™ Drill Stop

Critical to placement of the implant, ThinLayer’s Perfect Pilot™ custom drill stop minimizes drill tip deviation or “tip wag” the distance between the guide tube and the gingiva or bone to deliver the accuracy you intend for implant placement. Hit the mark right to the bone with the best control and without potential leveraging or torquing placement using guided instrument keys.

Don’t Compromise on Challenging Cases: Custom Case Stops

Immediate extraction and implant cases as well as those entailing sinus bumps can cause challenging surgical situations for accurate implant placement. The ThinLayer Guided Surgery System has specialized drill stops made specifically to address these surgical challenges and techniques to deliver accuracy in implant placement.

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