FutureTooth™ position is the key to restorative-driven virtual implant planning (upcoming webinar)

Plans based solely on osseous anatomy lack FutureTooth™ position and can lead to compromised implant positions and ill-fitting or inaccurate surgical guides. Proper planning utilizes a comprehensive data set including bone, soft tissue, and adjacent and opposing teeth, which are imported into the planning software. FutureTooth™ position can be derived from articulated models and models of patients with temporary bridges, flippers, bonded teeth, RPDs and dentures, usually eliminating the need for radiographic stents and wax-ups.

Please join us on May 29 at 7:00pm ET for a webinar hosted by Blue Sky Bio. Dr. Jerome Haber will demonstrate methods for comprehensive, 3D implant planning based on virtual visualization of pertinent anatomy and FutureTooth™ position using Blue Sky Plan software.

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Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC designs, manufactures, and sells 3D image-based surgical guides for dental implant surgery. The ThinLayer® Drill Guide System was developed in the founder’s clinical practice, in response to design limitations found in existing products. The solution makes guided surgery technically and economically feasible for all implant surgeons, allowing them to provide better treatment to more patients. Please visit www.guidedsurgerysolutions.com for more information.