Differentiating Your Practice

How does guided surgery differentiate your practice?

  • Patients feel confident knowing that the surgeon has complete knowledge of all anatomy presurgically
  • Patients value preoperative planning versus intraoperative planning – appreciate and value high technology
  • Patients can sense the trial and error process which often accompanies free hand drilling
  • Patients also can sense the surgeon’s confidence when using a drill guide
  • Patients who have experienced free hand implant placement are thankful after experiencing guided surgery
  • The consistent accuracy attained by guided surgery far exceeds that obtained by free hand placement


A survey of the satisfaction of patients who have undergone implant surgery with and without employing a computer-guided implant surgical template. Youk et al. J Adv Prosthodont 2014;6:395-405.

  • Accuracy and safety were the most frequent reasons for patients choosing computer guided surgery
  • Patients who had experienced both computer guided and conventional treatment, reported less pain and higher satisfaction with computer guided surgery.