Clinical research shows CAD/CAM surgical guides are more accurate and consistent than conventional guides

A peer-reviewed article in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, the authors sought to test the accuracy of computer-generated surgical guides in a clinical setting, stating:

“Clinical evidence has shown that CAD/CAM surgical guides are accurate, and two in vitro studies showed that they were more reliable than conventional guides in reproducing planned implant positions… This study therefore sought to compare the accuracy of CBCT-guided CAD/CAM surgical guides with that of conventional guides in the same patient population.”

The study was conducted using a split mouth design, and revealed, “Implants placed with CAD/CAM guides were closer to the planned positions in all eight categories examined. However, statistically significant differences were shown only for coronal horizontal distances. It was also shown that CAD/CAM guides had less variability than conventional guides, which was statistically significant for apical distance.”

After analyzing the data, the authors conclude: “Implants placed using CAD/CAM surgical guides provided greater accuracy in a lateral direction than conventional guides. In addition, CAD/CAM guides were more consistent in their deviation from the planned locations than conventional guides.”

CADCAM Guided Surgery Accuracy

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