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“You took all of the issues that surgeons have come to expect with guided surgery and said that those issues are no longer acceptable.” 
Former VP of Sales for a leading competitor

Comparison of drilling methods and guide features


Better and Simple System Design:
Not “Just A Guide”

Most tube guides are 3D printed or milled using rigid polymers or resins, providing a hard, sometimes slippery construction and translucent nature which can compromise fit, stability and resulting accuracy while providing less-than-optimal visibility and intraoperative hassles. These guides include tubes – thus referred to as “tube guides” – represent an industry standard, designed to work with select drill “keys”/ handles. While they can work well, they can present significant limitations:

  • Inaccurate fit and poor/ negligible retention
  • Impaired visibility and access to the surgical site
  • Impeded flap reflection when needed
  • Vertical space constraints in posterior sites (requires 7-9mm additional space)
  • Unable to easily modify entry point or trajectory intraoperatively
  • Inability to irrigate thoroughly or insert implant through the guide
  • “Handle leverage” which can compromise access and accuracy as well as instrument crowding

Tube guides use the top and bottom of the tube to define the drilling trajectory (since two points define a line). Our patented ThinLayer® Tubeless Guide addresses material and design limitations of tube guides by creating the points of the trajectory in sequence. In our system, a guided bleeding point (and/or pilot hole) and the ThinLayer® Guide hole define the two points of the drilling trajectory – without the tube! This drill guide design provides full visibility and access to the surgical site, requires no more vertical space than freehand, and enables you to change the entry point or trajectory.

Simpler Model to Suit Your Needs

Our ThinLayer surgical guide system works with most non-guided drills OR with guided surgery instrument kits you may already own – and it accommodates all implant systems. The treatment planning software is free and can facilitate treatment planning for any implant system you prefer; it works on either PC or Mac computers and is readily downloadable from Blue Sky Bio. We can work with patient and model scans from your own scanner or a local scan center and share them confidentially and conveniently online.

As displayed openly on our ThinLayer Guide System Page, we charge only $250 for a single implant ThinLayer system – a tubed ThinLayer guide, disposable drill stops custom to your drills and handpiece and an endofile with stop – with opportunity to try the unique tubeless guide and stepped drills on your first case. We also offer expert planning services for an additional $100-250 (dependent on the number of implants). Whether you plan or we plan, we recommend using the treatment plan to collaborate pre-surgically with your restorative dentist.

In our constant pursuit of excellent customer satisfaction and improvement, we offer a full money-back guarantee on our ThinLayer system.

Superior vision

We formed Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC, to make guided surgery technically and economically feasible for all implant surgeons. We are guided toward this vision by three goals:

  • Eliminate barriers to the adoption of guided surgery
  • Build simple, open, and sustainable products and systems
  • Actively seek customer feedback and let it guide our business

Our company focuses solely on guided surgery. When customers present difficult situations, we find creative solutions. We keep things simple, and move nimbly to do the right thing for clinicians and their patients.

Customer testimonials

“I learned as much planning my first case as I did during my residency. I don’t know why schools don’t teach this more!”
Dr. D, FL
“I sat in a dark room for two days to learn [competitor’s] software, and walked out with my head spinning. Your protocol and planning tools made this so much simpler and more effective.”
Dr. J, CA
“I’m glad I found your website… I was about to spend thousands on a new software package and set of drills. I place 80 implants a year and use drill guides on maybe 5 or 6. Every time I do a guided case, I tell myself I wish I could use it more often. I would use more if they were more convenient and less expensive, and I don’t understand why implant companies make it so inaccessible.”
Dr. B, MA
“Each protocol was easy and effective. It took 45 seconds to prepare the impression tray with fiducial markers before scanning the patient and pouring the model to scan. The IOS method also worked very well.”
Dr. J, VA
“We no longer refer our implant cases to surgeons who don’t use scans and surgical guides.”
Dr. L, PA
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