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Simplified Process

Our proven guided surgery system provides Doctors with a streamlined approach that offers the best results.

No Required Fees

You will never be required to pay for planning or additional scanning fees with Guided Surgery Solutions.

Expert DMD Oversight

Unlike other surgical guide companies, we have expert Doctor oversight for your cases.

Start Your First Case Today

Expert DMD Oversight to Assist You with Your First Case.

Advanced Accuracy with a Simpler Guided Surgery System

Experience the Systematic Difference in Quality, Service & Support


Not Just a Surgical Guide:

A Proven, Systematic Solution

  • Superior Design and Expert Service
  • Innovative Solutions for Difficult Cases
  • No Hidden/Mandatory Fees: Scan/Plan/Conversion
  • No Investment in Software/Guided Instrumentation
  • Expert DMD Oversight and Consultation
  • All Implant Systems Addressed

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Differentiating Your Practice

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Our guide system is affordable and cost-effective – and we are as transparent on our pricing as our ThinLayer system. No hidden, mandatory conversion or planning service fees – complemented by no need to purchase an expensive guided instrument set and use of high quality free implant planning software.
Our streamlined data acquisition processes using CBCT and related FutureTooth™ information provides high accuracy and ease to facilitate detailed implant treatment plans and subsequent guide system design. Co-founded by a practicing periodontist, Guided Surgery Solutions leads with a focus on clinical quality and design from data acquisition and treatment plan through to guide QC. Our expert clinicians are proactive in review as well as guided surgery treatment planning and surgical technique. 
Designed to YOUR handpiece and drills, the ThinLayer® guided surgery system and related technique is efficient and delivers high quality, consistent guided surgery even in challenging cases.
“I learned as much planning my first case as I did during my residency. I don’t know why schools don’t teach this more!”
Dr. D, FL
 “I’m so glad I found your website… Every time I do a guided case, I tell myself I wish I could use it more often.”
Dr. B, MA
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